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You are sure to go Ho ho ho this Christmas with our top quality green table linens at wholesale prices, with free shipping available.

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Beautiful table linens in hunter green, forest green, and lime green... we also have red table linens, and many other colors available that will surely make this your best Christmas ever.

Have a great Christmas with our top quality Green Table Linens!

Made with premium quality visa polyester fabric, stain resistant and wrinkle free, our fantastic green table linens will instantly turn your tables from dull to exiting and vibrant.

Perfect for holiday parties, restaurants, catering events, weddings and other social events.

For very high end upscale restaurants fine linens are a popular choice but it can break the budget of smaller eateries. It also a little much more effort and costs a little more in terms of the tablecloths themselves and the laundry costs.


There are various materials such as polyester, and spun poly and they have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what the occasion calls for.

Several recent USA survey's have shown that it's pretty clear that in the restaurant industry, good quality tablecloths make a difference in the customer's eyes which helps the restaurant owner increase business ultimately his or her bottom line.

What is the number one thing that makes a good discount tablecloth? Well to start with it really depends on how we will be using the tablecloth. Ultimately we would like the tablecloth to be and look clean, crisp yet soft to the touch. However, it must not only feel and look good, it must also be highly practical which means that it protects the table surface from damage.

If you are a cafe or diner that serves breakfasts and fast foods then standard polyester discount tablecloths may be more appropriate, but in terms of the return dollar wise it really depends on the particular discount, many discount businesses do not warrant the high cost outlay for "fine Irish linens" when standard polyester discount tablecloths in white or other solid colors will do the job just as well.

Tablecloth materials are critically important as they affect the way the tablecloths hang over the table, the way they feel to the touch, the way the light bounces off the cloth surface etc.

You can find speciality retailers which also offer free shipping. In terms of colours, white is usually the way to go especially for a discount tablecloth geared towards formal occasions. It is a safe bet and shows to the customer that you have a clean kitchen with nothing to hide. White is also the colour that exudes dining elegance, and class. If white is not a possibility and you "dare to be different", then you could always have a base tablecloth underneath with a different colour or even colored table runners. The size of the tablecloth will obviously depend on the dining table size.

If you're like most brides, than you want to be surrounded by beautiful weather, blooming flowers, and sunshine. As April showers give way to May flowers, with it brings the most popular time of the year to get married, Spring! when all things begin anew. With this beautiful time of the year right around the corner, I couldn't wait to present some of my refreshingly simple ideas and tips for your spring wedding linens.

A Refreshing Time of Year.

The years color theme for spring is fresh and bright. Brides are choosing wedding linen colors like fuchia, bright pink, orange, and lime. These fresh color choices play on the symbolism of the spring season, representing new life and new beginnings. With all the unique color choices available today in wedding linens, it can sometimes seem hard to find decorations and accessories to match. A great way to tie in the spring theme while still complimenting your linen color scheme, is to pull in what the earth has already provided. Decorate your reception with local flowers and greenery which will look (and is) both natural and beautiful. Include white and ivory which will match almost any color combo. For your wedding accessories, table runners work well and come in many colors and you can find good ones on google shopping.

Giving Back With Favors.

Popular choices in wedding favors this year have been the ones that allow the bride and groom to give back to their community. For Spring, plantable wildflower seed favors create an adorable presentation and allow guests the chance to capture the essence of the season. When choosing your seed favors, remember that annual seeds will only come up one season while perennial seeds will regrow year after year in remembrance of your special day. One downside to perennial seedlings is that they tend to be more expensive.

In lieu of traditional favors, many couples are opting to also give donation and charity wedding favors to friends and family members to say thank you while still giving back to their community. Personalized charity donation tents (shown left) are an easy way to say thank you and announce to your friends and family that you have given to your favorite charity in their honor. Popular charities to give to include the American Red Cross, United Nations Childrens Fund, Make-A-Wish Foundation, American Cancer Society, and the Hope Foundation.

Wedding Reception Surprises.

Every bride wants a wedding that is unique and unexpected. Refreshing spring themed ideas that we love are caricature stands at the reception (fun and whimsical), birds nest centerpieces (to carry your spring theme), and unique appetizers that are fresh and light. Think ice cream or sorbet and spring salad (no pun intended...). In lieu of traditional wedding cake, serving cupcakes is another fresh and unexpected twist that will delight your guests.

Easy to serve and easy to send home with loved ones. Simply buy a smaller formal wedding cake with fewer servings so you can still 'cut the cake' and set a cupcake stand out for guests to enjoy. You can either set a mini cupcake tower at each guest table as the centerpiece or create a dessert buffet so friends and family can snack at their leisure. Present your unique idea in personalized cupcake favor boxes (shown left) which also double as an easy way for guests to take home their sweet treats. With these quick tips, you can be sure that your original and personal ideas will make a lasting impression on your special day.

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Hunter Green

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Forest Green Table Linens

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